Published Books & Articles

Norman's first book was the highly successful Parkhurst Tales. He followed this with The Goldfish Bowl which was set inside Europe's only prison exclusively for lifers. In paperback this book was subsequently entitled Living with Killers and In the Company of Killers.

Norman's third book was Parkhurst Tales 2, a further collection of short stories, those there was no space for in the first Parkhurst Tales. All the stories from the both books have now been published as The Complete Parkhurst Tales.

Life after Life, his fourth book detailed Norman's emergence from prison after 24 years and the difficulties in re-adjusting. A highly mystical tragedy, at times it defies belief.

Dangerous People, Dangerous Places is Norman's fifth book and has just been published. It deals with the many amazing adventures he had in very dangerous parts of the world, working on stories for magazines and newspapers.